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Pure VG vs PG Juice: 3 Benefits To 100% VG That No One Is Telling You… - Lucy's Vapor Pens

Pure VG vs PG Juice: 3 Benefits To 100% VG That No One Is Telling You…

Pure VG vs PG Juice: 3 Benefits To 100% VG That No One Is Telling You…

Max VG vs PG Vapor Juice

Since there are so many different vape juice brands on the market today, it makes sense that shopping for vapor juice can be confusing. Especially when you’re new to vaping!

Vaping Tips for Beginners

And that’s why I designed this article to serve as an easy cheat sheet to make your life a little easier.

In this vape guide, I’ve highlighted the top 3 benefits to using a pure VG juice. You’ll also see why you should definitely throw the PG “baby” out with the bathwater…

Pure VG vs PG Juice: Overview

  • Definition of Vegetable Glycerin
  • Meaning of Propylene Glycol
  • 3 Major Benefits of Organic VG Vapor Juice
  • Side-by-Side Comparison: Pure VG vs PG Juice
  • Editor’s Choice: 3 Amazing Premium 100% VG Vapor Juice Brands
  • Where to Buy Vapor Juice Online (with FREE Shipping!)

Definition of Vegetable Glycerin
(VG Vapor Juice)

One of the most important vaping tips for beginners is to always choose vapor juice that is 100% VG. Although some e-liquids contain bases with a mixture of both VG and PG, it is best to go for Pure VG vapor juice. (Also called “High VG” or “Max VG.”

Vapor Pen Juice
Pure VG vapor juice is plant-based and all natural. It has a naturally sweet taste and is TERRIFIC for chasing clouds!

Additionally, make sure that the vapor juice you are about to buy checks off all of the following boxes:

  • 100% Organic
  • Nicotine from Certified Organic Tobacco (If applicable)
  • All Natural Flavors
  • Vegetarian & Plant-Based
  • NO Artificial Flavorings or Additives
  • Reputable, Premium Brand (Awards are a good way to judge this!)

Definition of Propylene Glycol
(PG Vapor Juice)

In contrast, propylene glycol (PG) vapor pen juice is an artificial food additive. Unlike pure VG vapor juice, it has a thin consistency and is virtually flavorless. People who are prone to skin sensitivities or allergies often find that PG juice is too harsh on their throat and lungs.

Max VG vs PG Juice
Propylene Glycol (PG) may be toxic and isn’t as good for blowing huge clouds. Furthermore, it may irritate the throat and cause allergic reactions in sensitive people.

Currently, the US deems PG to be “generally” safe and it can be used freely as an artificial food additive in processed foods. However, Europe has stricter laws on where and how PG may be present in cosmetics, foods, and other highly processed substances.

At this time, there is only one reported case of PG “overdose,” or toxicity. This was also a situation involving a lot of whiskey, so I’m not trying to blow the blame out of proportion on the propylene glycol. However, there is something to be said for its toxicity relative to pure, natural VG.

Since PG juice is so thin, it isn’t great for vape tricks or big clouds. Be careful when reading vapor juice ingredients, as PG goes by many different names.

According to Science Direct, PG goes by 4 other names:
  • 1,2-dihydroxypropane
  • Trimethyl glycol
  • Methyl ethyl glycol
  • 1,2-propanediol
PG Vaping Safety Tip:

If children will ever be in your home, make sure to keep your organic vapor juice out of reach. In other words, store it out-of-reach and use a lock and key. Although unlikely, children could consume a toxic level of propylene glycol if left unattended around vape supplies.

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Can You Overdose From Nicotine?

3 Major Benefits of 100% VG Vapor Juice
VG vs PG

1. Pure VG E-Liquid Doesn’t Require Added Sweeteners

Because Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is naturally sweet, it naturally enhances the fruit & dessert flavors on the market…

When you’re purchasing an e juice that is primarily made with Propylene Glycol (PG) it lacks the natural sweetened of VG and requires artificial sweeteners and flavors to make the product more appealing to the consumer…

And even though many of the chemicals are “approved” by the FDA, there’s really no data available to suggest that the chemicals are safe for human consumption nor are the effects on the human body these chemicals have completely understood…

Using an e liquid with a PG base vs an 100% VG Base may come with unknown side effects later on down the line, and possibly similar to that of when traditional cigarettes were first introduced…

Rule of thumb… If it’s not certified organic, its probably not the best choice…

2. Using 100 VG E Liquid Allows For A Much Better Hit

If you’re looking to transition from traditional cigarettes to a less toxic alternative, then 100 VG E Liquid is going to be your best bet…

Not only for the lack of toxins…

But for the quality of hit you’ll get vs using PG base liquids…(For Example: If you’re coming from a brand like Marlboro, you’re looking for a bigger/stronger hit from your e liquid…)

Now vaping is already more of a pure nicotine experience, and allows you to have much better mouth, lunge, and throat hits…

But keep in mind that using a PG based e liquid will leave you with a VERY thin vapor that doesn’t last as long as you’d probably like… (This is coming from the many vape fanatics we’ve spoken with over the years…)

And if you try to compare a PG e liquid to that of a 100 vg e liquid, you’ll quickly see that theres a HUGE difference…

First, the vapor from the 100 vg e liquid is much thicker, and allows for a fuller flavor that lingers much longer than a PG based juice… (This is why some manufactures will add VG into their PG flavors to help increase the over thickness of the vapor…)

100 vg e liquid isn’t diluted nor are there any other ingredients holding it back from it wonderful flavor and hit experience…

3. Using Vapes With 100 VG E Liquid Will Decrease The Risk Of Having An Allergic Reaction

One of the main reasons why smokers/vapers prefer a 100 vg e liquid is that it lessens the risk of having an allergic reaction… This is also the biggest reason why many manufacturers that are using a PG base will often times dilute it with VG to reduce any risk for their users…

Some vapers that have used a PG based e juice have complained to us about have difficulty breathing and having an irritated throat, and once they switched over to a 100% organic VG e juice, the problems seemed to go away…

(Keep in mind that we’re not license medical professionals and are only sharing with you what our customers have told us… Using a 100 VG e liquid is not in any way a prescription for difficulty breathing of having an irritated throat… Seek a licensed medical professional if you’re having these problems…)

If you have food allergies, or aren’t too confident in the PG based products, then choosing a 100% natural e juice alternative is always the best place to start…

Try our line of 100% VG e liquid by clicking on the  100% organic ejuice link above

Pure VG vs PG Vape Juice:
A Side-by-Side Comparison

Overall, the benefits of Max VG Juice far outweigh the benefits of PG vapor juice. Sure, PG juice is cheaper and you won’t need to clean out your vape pens or mods as frequently. (Although this is a good practice to be in anyway!)

The barely-there sweetness of VG juice might take a little getting used to, but most people love it.

Most serious vapers – and even vaping newbies – like blowing huge clouds and learning new vape tricks. Again, 100% VG Vapor Juice is the absolute best choice for this!

VG vs PG
It’s easier to clean PG juice, but that’s about all it has going for it!

2020’s Healthiest Premium Vape Juice Brands

Now that we’ve settled the VG vs PG debate, it’s time to find you some exquisitely delicious vapor juice flavors!

When you’re new to vaping, it helps to narrow down your shopping list by choosing from well-known premium vapor juice brands. But how do you know who trust? And who has time to fact check everything?

You’re in luck. Because we’ve done the hard work for you! In the following list, you’ll find the names of the safest and best vapor juice brands on the market.

1. Kind Juice

Kind Juice is one of the best organic vapor juice brands on the market. One of my favorite things about this particular vape company is the variety. For example, you can choose 0 Nic Juice if you want… But you can also select 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg of nicotine. Furthermore, this premium vapor brand offers you a wide variety of e-juice flavors. These range from menthol to bold tobacco and all the way to tropical flavors. They even offer a spicy cinnamon “Ring of Fire” flavor and a decadent dessert flavor named “Custard’s Last Stand.”

VG vs PG for Clouds
You’ll love this wonderfully fruity and fresh blueberry flavor!

Of course, Kind Juice carries only 100% organic VG vapor juice with all natural ingredients. The company has won multiple awards, including “The Best Natural E-Liquid of 2016” from Vape 360.

Click Here for More Kind Juice Reviews & Info>>

2. Bear Blend

Bear Blend is yet another company with organic, all natural VG vapor juice for sale. Since the company specializes in natural herbs, they really nail both the medicinal and recreational aspects of herbal remedies in all of their vape juice flavors. Interestingly, these premium organic e-liquids originate from a Native American living in Ohio during the turn of the 21st century. Because of this, Bear Blend also recommends using their products as both incense and even as tea! Talk about a great three-in-one.

For example, you can select the Bear Blend Mintz flavor as an e-liquid or as a dry smoke blend.

All of Bear Blend’s vapor juice flavors contain 0mg of nicotine.

Vegetable Glycering vs Propylene Glycol
This 0 Nic Juice is truly one of a kind!

Bear Blend’s Vizion is a delightful citrus-flavored organic VG vapor juice flavor!

Click Here for More Bear Blend Reviews & Info>>

3. Dragon Liquids

In addition to being certified all-natural and organic with pure VG juice, Dragon E-Liquids has a unique claim to fame. That is, all of their vape juice flavors are Kosher! They are also vegan-friendly, as you might expect. Like all of the premium vape juice brands available at Lucy’s, Dragon E-Liquids contain zero artificial flavors, preservatives, or additives.

Healthiest Vapor Juice Ingredients
A classic combination of lemonade and iced tea, with just a hint of raspberry; one can’t help but feel hopeful for the summer months to come!

The Summer Remembrance flavor listed above is the perfect “all day vape juice flavor!

Each 30mL bottle is available with your choice of 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg of nicotine.

Click Here for More Dragon Liquids Reviews & Info>>

Where to Buy Vape Juice Online

I hope you enjoyed the vapor juice ingredients tips above! You can always find answers to your vaping questions on Reddit. And while you’re going down that rabbit hole, you might as well check out these hilarious vape memes!

In addition to the featured e-juice brands above, I also recommend Kai’s Virgin Vapors, Essence Vapor Company, and Voost. And the best vapor store online is Lucy’s Vapor Pens, of course!

If you still need some convincing, then check out these benefits:

  • First of all, Lucy’s offers FREE shipping on all orders over $20.
  • Another benefit is that if you aren’t 100% satisfied with your order, you’ll receive a refund.
  • Furthermore, we have a reassuring 60 day guarantee on all vape starter kits.
Vapor Websites
2020’s Best Vapor Store Online

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