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4 Advantage To Vaping As A Cigarette Replacement - Lucy's Vapor Pens

4 Advantage To Vaping As A Cigarette Replacement

Advantages to Vaping as a Cigarette Replacement

Vaping has become something of a rage in
recent years – in and out of the media for both the positives and negatives as
well as their growing public presence. Here we are going to point out the 4
main advantages to vaping in order to sum up most of what you may (if you have
been reading our blog section) or may not already know about vapor pens.

  • 1.Don’t
    feel restricted to where you can smoke

With world governments quickly turning
against the cigarette companies and restricting smokers, it is hard not to feel
singled out when you are smoker. Social situations, work environments and on
public transport are just a few examples of how smokers are constrained by

On the other hand, vaping quells these
preventive situations. Sure some airline have banned cigs, but there is no vaping
alarm in the airplane toilets. Plus airports, ferries, bus stops and other waiting
areas generally do not object to those that use vapor pens. This means that the
feeling of being victimized as a smoker is reduced for those that choose vapor
over smoke.

  • 2.Cost

Obviously depending on which country you
live in, vaping is often a much cheaper option compared to smoking cigarettes. There
are medical bills, there is medical insurance, paraphernalia and time costs
involved with smoking. However, with vapor, those costs and time consuming
cigarettes breaks are cut out.

  • 3.Health

Despite the many research thesis’s
coming out trying to quell the use of vaping with negative publications, the
fact remains that vapor pens are far healthier than smoking cigarettes. Vapor
is clearly not as damaging as cigarette smoke. All you need to do is talk to
the growing army of non-smokers who switched to vapor pens that say they feel
so much better now they have swapped smoke for vapor.

These benefits include getting their sense
of smell back, not smelling of cigarettes all the time, being more productive
at work with a clearer mind, the reduction in respiratory problems, and an
increase in sporting performance.

  • 4.Reducing
    your Nicotine levels

Heavy smokers generally don’t smoke
because they need nicotine and instead
smoke because of the habit. There are the obvious times when they really do
need a cigarette because the nicotine is calling for them, but this is usually
after long periods of time without a cigarette; such as, on long hauls journeys
or after waking up in the morning.

With vaping, they can first look to quit
the dependence they have on the nicotine by slowly reducing the amount of
nicotine in their e juice. Eventually this will reduce the need for nicotine
allowing the once heavy smoker to adjust the nicotine level to his or her

Weighing up the pros and cons of vaping
versus smoking, the vaping for many comes out on top by a mile. Health,
monetary, time and dependence levels negatively affected by smoking are
reversed to a large extent when you swap the smoke in favour of the vaping.

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