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7 Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Menthol Vapor Juice Brand - Lucy's Vapor Pens

7 Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Menthol Vapor Juice Brand

7 Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Menthol Vapor Juice Brand
Best Mint Flavored Vapor

Unsurprisingly, menthol vapor juice is one of the most popular flavors on the market. More and more smokers are converting to vaping. And crisp, minty vapor pen juice is the obvious solution for ex-smokers who previously puffed on menthol cigarettes!

But the problem is that vaping beginners often buy dangerously unhealthy e-juices. Not all vapor juice brands are equal! The wrong kind of e-juice can give you nausea, hurt your throat, and infuse your bloodstream with all kinds of toxic ingredients.

Too many people are unknowingly vaping horrible chemicals, and I want to empower people to vape healthy e-juice. In this post, you’ll find a handy checklist of questions to ask before buying your next few bottles of menthol vapor juice.

It’s an easy way to ensure that you’re keeping toxins out of your body. And if you’re like me, you’re probably happy when you know you aren’t throwing away money on a sub-par product!

Furthermore, there are some amazing, all-natural vape juice brands that can actually improve your health! (And you can get FREE shipping through LVP!)

How to Choose the Best Menthol Vapor Juice: Overview

  • 7 Questions to Ask Before Buying Menthol Vapor Juice
  • 4 Best Menthol Vapor Juice Flavors
    Menthol Vape Juice Reviews
  • Menthol E-Juice FAQs
    What is menthol in vapor juice?
    Is menthol vaping safe/is it bad for you?
    What is the best menthol vape juice?
    Where can I find menthol e-juice with organic nic salts?
Pure VG Juice Reviews
New to vaping? Love menthol? You’re exactly where you need to be! Scroll down for menthol vape juice reviews, as well as tips for finding the healthiest vape juice.

7 Things to Ask Before Clicking “Confirm Purchase”

1. Is your menthol e-juice 100% VG?

Many vapor juice companies use propylene glycol (PG) as a base in their e-juices. PG is a fake substance made from petroleum, and it causes throat irritation and even allergic reactions in some people. Some people buy PG juice because it’s cheap, but you really do get what you pay for in this situation. And breathing toxins in and out of your lungs every day is not worth saving a few bucks!

(Plus, PG sucks for vape tricks. Don’t plan on using PG e-juice for blowing huge vape clouds!)

Instead of PG, make sure the menthol vapor juice is 100% VG. Another term for pure VG juice is “Max VG.”

If it is PG e-juice, or even a mixture of PG and VG, just say no! In the long-term, the health consequences of using cheap and unhealthy products will cost you much more than you ever saved.

VG vs PG
It’s easier to clean PG juice, but that’s about all it has going for it!

Learn more about PG vs VG Juice here!

2. Do you use any artificial ingredients? How do you obtain your vapor juice ingredients?

Avoid artifical ingredients at all costs. Why pollute your body when there are plenty of organic menthol vapor juices flavored with real mint and spearmint leaves?

The best vapor juice ingredients should always consist of wholesome plant extracts and organic VG. Only buy certified organic vapor juice that is non-GMO, diacetyl-free, cruelty-free, and free from synthetic additives or added sugars. Many of the best vape juice brands are even Vegan and Gluten free.

To reiterate, if the vapor juice contains any artificial additives, then it’s time to find menthol vapor juice from a better vape company. (Check out The Best Place to Buy E-Juice Online for tips!)

Pure VG Vapor Juice Menthol
Get FREE shipping on this premium organic flavored vapor. You’ll love the minty, cool taste!

Don’t worry if the minty e-liquids you’ve been eyeing are now disqualified because of this checklist. You have plenty of options!

Again, I want to reassure you that there are several premium vape companies that sell delectable, pure menthol VG juice. Better yet, brands like VOOST use vitamins and other nutrients as ingredients.

This means that certain brands of menthol e-liquids can actually improve your well-being! Vaping VOOST fortified e-liquids just might be your new new way of taking your vitamins.

3. What kind of standardized safety testing do you use?

Look for vape companies who adhere to authoritative safety standards. In other words, make sure they follow protocols that align with the American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA). If a vapor juice company does not openly explain their safety measures and does not follow AEMSA guidelines, then it’s time to kick ’em to the curb. Don’t buy their products!

Again, don’t be afraid to rule out unhealthy e-juice brands. There are plenty of crisp, refreshing menthol vapor juices that are incredibly safe and healthy.

For example, Kai’s Virgin Vapors is a fabulous vape company when it comes to safety! They have approval from their local Environmental Health Department, as well as the United State Department of Labor. Better yet, they have their own unique (and very rigorous) set of safety procedures. They are so meticulous that they scan each ingredient before adding it to a new batch, every single time.

Best Vapor Juice Vegan
This Max VG Juice has a rich strawberry flavor that complements menthol quite nicely!

4. Is your nicotine certified organic?

Another question to consider is the quality of the nicotine. Look for organic nicotine grown on American soil. Currently, the term “pharmaceutical-grade” refers to Certified Organic Tobacco. You’ll experience the purity of a quality menthol vapor juice when it has organic tobacco because the taste is more refined.

5. How many awards have you won? Have you been featured in any vape community publications?

Basically, the spirit of this question is to “fact check” a vapor juice brand’s claims. There are three main pieces of evidence to look for:

  1. Awards
  2. Recognition in the Vaping Community
  3. Multiple Good Reviews

The initial question to ask is “have you ever won an award for your VG vapor juices?Awards are good indicators of how trustworthy a vapor juice company is or is not. And trust me, some vape companies have an impressive collection of awards! One example of a premium VG vapor juice company with an impressive list of awards is Kind Juice. Their raw, holistic approach won them the Spiritual Choice award in 2014, and then again in 2016. Even more, Vaping 360, the OG “Home of Vaping,” named Kind Juice the Best Natural E-Liquid of 2016.

High VG Vapor Juice for Sale Online
This tropical VG vapor juice is refreshing and 100% organic.
Community Recognition

Another way to verify that your menthol vapor juice is indeed coming from a premium brand is to look for their name in reputable vape community hot spots, like Vaping 360 or Vape Magazine.

Understandably, a brand new company might not have a lot of awards. (Yet!) But you can still verify premium quality by asking for some examples of how they are perceived in the vaping company. I’m really impressed by Dragon Liquids! Even though they don’t boast of numerous awards, they are highly respected in the vaping community. Dragon Liquids has been featured in Vape Magazine, Premium E-Liquids Magazine, and at PremiumEJuices.com. I like their compassionate company mission, which is to save as many lives as possible by helping smokers quit.

Where to Buy Healthy Vape Juice
Dragon Liquids has a great after-dinner dessert vape called “Dragons Kiss.”
Customer Reviews

When all else fails, start looking for some verified reviews online. Positive evaluations from verified purchasers are perhaps the most honest feedback you can get! One example of this is Essence Vapor Juice Company. They’re a relatively young company, so they don’t have a lot of reviews yet. However, each and every one of their VG vapor juice flavors has a five star rating with at least a handful of written reviews.

6. Are you 100% organic?

The reason I mention this is because the term “natural” is misused in marketing all the time. In other words, it tricks customers into thinking they’re getting organic products when they really aren’t.

Your body deserves only the best, and organic is just that! Non-organic ingredients often contain unhealthy toxins and harsh chemicals. Furthermore, the manufacturing processes for non-organic substances tend to be more harmful to the environment. Do your part and support an eco-friendly vape shop!

7. Are you an eco-friendly company?

This question is all about respecting the earth, as it is the very source of all the best vape juice ingredients. It definitely doesn’t make sense to enjoy the fruits of nature without respecting the environment!

Here are a few example of eco-friendly vapor company practices and mission statements:

  • Something unique about Kai’s Virgin Vapor Company is their environmentally-friendly packaging. While many e-juices come in plastic bottles, Kai’s Virgin Vapor uses glass bottles. This prevents harmful chemicals found in plastic seeping into your vapor juice. You can also help the environment by re-using them. Glass is much sturdier than plastic, so you can get plenty of mileage out of them!
  • Another great brand with sustainable, zero waste practices is Kind Juice. Like Kai’s, they also manufacture pure VG vapor juices from raw, organic plants and use special extraction processes in order to preserve the integrity of the surrounding plants and natural world. In contrast, cheap vapor companies often use harsh solvents to extract ingredients from plants.
I think this statement from the Kind Juice website is particularly powerful:
Kind Juice Reviews

4 Amazing Minty Vapor Juices to Try Right Now

Okay, so you’ve listened to me ramble on about your “to do” list before you can by new e-juice. But you’ve finally arived: the following menthol e-juice flavors come from pure, premium brands. Each one passes the previous checklist of questions with flying colors! Plus, if you spend $20 or more at LVP’s vapor shop, you’ll get an upgrade to FREE priority shipping. And if you aren’t 100% happy with your order, you can get a full refund.

Arctic Cloud
by Essence Vapor

Mint Flavored Vapor
You can’t go wrong with this premium, incredibly crisp minty e-juice!

See More Pictures + Get Free Shipping>>

This Max VG flavored vapor’s cool and minty taste invigorates and re-awakens your senses. Notably, it was awarded the “Best Mint Menthol Flavor” of Mountain Vapors. Each 60mL bottle is available with 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg of nicotine.

I think you’ll love the Arctic Cloud’s smooth, icy flavor. After all, according to Essence Vapor Company, “It is so cold, it will make you feel like you’ve been dropped in the Arctic!”

MAX Menthol Vapor Juice
by Voost

Menthol Vapor Juice Brands for Sale Online
This crisp blend of spearmint, peppermint, menthol, and mint extracts is a 100% zero nicotine vapor flavor.

See More Pictures + Get Free Shipping>>

Calling all health nuts! This fortified e-liquid is made up of essential oils, vitamins, and natural plant extracts. Due to its generous supply of antioxidants and vitamins, it is an effective holistic approach to body and mind health.

But let’s not neglect the ambrosia-like combination of organic spearmint, mint, peppermint, and menthol extracts.

Mintz Herbal Smoke Blend
by Bear Blend

Menthol Vapor Juice
This menthol vapor juice by Bear Blend features a fresh minty taste that isn’t overpowering. It is 100% Max VG juice with no PG or other unhealthy additives. Get FREE shipping when you spend $20+ at Lucy’s Vapor Pens!
See More Pictures + Get Free Shipping>>

Bear Blend is a fascinating e-company, and the oldest one in the country! Despite all the new brands popping up, Bear Blend continues to be popular. The company’s dry herbal smoke concoctions are the first ever flavored vapors with approval for vaping in dry herb pens. As you can see in the picture, Mintz is available in dry herbal form. But you can also get the same flavor in Bear Blend’s liquid version of Mintz.

This particular vape juice brand emerged in the turn of the 21st century, and the e-liquids were crafted by a Native American with a passion for ethical farming. Due to his strong desire to leave a legacy of healing people, each flavored vapor contains holistic herbs for an improved body and mind. (See the full list here.)

Menthol Moon Drops
by Kai’s Virgin Vapors

Menthol Vapor Juice for Sale Online
Enjoy this crisp menthol vapor juice alone, or pair it with another flavor!

quit smoking menthol cigarettes because it’s available with 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, or 12mg of USDA Certified Organic nicotine.

Menthol Vapor Juice Health Concerns
Your Questions, Answered

Well, we’ve covered the checklist of questions to ask before buying e-juice. And I’m confident that you’ll find your favorite mint-flavored vapor in no time. You’ve also got a list of tremendously delicious and healthy menthol vapor juices right here in the LVP vape shop blog. Add the pin below to your Pinterest board so you can check back later if you need to!

Best Vapor Pen Juice Brands

Save to Pinterest for easy reference!

But we’ve still got some vaping FAQs to go over. LVP understands that safety is a concern for many. And I personally know how different it feels to quit smoking and start vaping. Basically, I’m trying to say that it’s normal to have a lot of questions.

The following list contains the most commonly asked questions about vaping safety, especially in regards to menthol e-juices. So, sit back and relax. I’ve got you covered.

What is menthol in vapor juice?

Simply put, menthol is a crisp flavor derived from peppermint, mint, spearmint, and other natural plants. This flavoring has a crisp, cool hit that many vapers love.

Due to it’s “counter-irritant effect,” it naturally eases sore throats.

Is menthol vaping safe/is it bad for you?

No. Organic, natural menthol is safe to vape and doesn’t have any bad effects on your health. It might actually save some people’s lives, if it enables them to quit smoking menthol cigarettes!

Some of the sketchy, cheap vape shops out there sell e-liquids with synthetic menthol. Once again, stay away from artificial ingredients!

What is the best menthol vape juice?

Here’s a quit review of the top rated menthol e-juice flavors:

Where can I find menthol e-juice with organic nic salts?

Healthy Vapor Juice Online
Wicked Watermelon by Kai’s Virgin Vapor is available with organic nic salts.

Currently, the LVP vape shop carries two e-juices with organic nic salts. They aren’t menthol flavors, but you might try them and be delighfully surprised! The first option is Virgin Vapor’s Wicked Watermelon. If you’re not much of a sweet vape juice person, you might prefer our other Max VG juice with organic nic salts, The Best Damn Tobacco.

Vape Tip for Beginners: Always use organic nic salts with a low wattage device, like the Joyetech D19 Starter Kit.

Thanks for Visiting Lucy’s Vapor Pens!
Home of the Best Menthol Vapor Juice Brands

Thanks for stopping by! Did I leave out any of your own personal menthol e-juice FAQs? Do you have a better brand to suggest? I value your comments and insights, so feel free to leave a note in the comment box below.

Keep calm and vape on!

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