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Can Overdosing on Nicotine Kill You? - Lucy's Vapor Pens

Can Overdosing on Nicotine Kill You?

Can Overdosing on Nicotine Kill You?

Vaping Health Facts & Concerns:  Can Overdosing on Nicotine Kill You?

While many people have criticized vaping, an overwhelming body of evidence proves them wrong! In fact, multiple studies (which will be cited below) prove that vaping is a much healthier nicotine delivery system than cigarettes. Yes, some people love to act all high and mighty, but the truth is, e-liquid is relatively harmless.

All things considered, vaping is a very safe habit. It’s also an excellent way to meet your daily vitamin needs, when you choose healthy vape juice brands. E-juice simply needs to be treated with care, much like many of the other substances within our home. In this post, we’ll discuss the likelihood of nicotine overdose, as well as the most responsible practices when using it.

Vaping Health Risks Table of Contents:

  • An Honest Look at Nicotine
  • The Likelihood of Overdosing on Nicotine through Vaping
  • Self-Titration and Why It Matters
  • Side Effects of Too Much Nicotine
  • Two Things to Watch Out For
  • Putting Things in Perspective

An Honest Look at Nicotine(The Health Benefits of Vaping)

Almost everyone accepts the scientific evidence that smoking cigarettes is harmful to your health, but somehow nicotine has gained an unduly bad reputation as well. Yes, nicotine has addictive properties, and it’s responsible for people staying hooked on cigarettes despite their health risks.

However, other than being habit-forming, nicotine actually provides some notable benefits. Unlike cigarettes, nicotine in and of itself does not cause cancer or heart disease. In fact, there are health benefits of vaping nicotine!These include:

Let’s Crunch the Numbers: Is It Physically Possible to Overdose on Nicotine Through Vaping?

Researchers disagree about what amount of nicotine is a “toxic” level. Some conservative estimates say that a toxic dose is 30 milligrams to 60 milligrams of nicotine all at once. That equals 4 milliliters of 12 milligram e-liquid. Your body absorbs nicotine rapidly into the bloodstream, so it would need to be absorbed basically all at once – which is nearly impossible. Can you really imagine vaping 60 milligrams in a single puff?

Other experts cite a toxic level of about 500 milligrams to 1000 milligrams of nicotine. Assuming 500 milligrams is the toxic dose, you would need to vape over 40 milliliters of a 12 milligram e-juice within a short time period. Um, is that even possible? Hardly.

Countless studies show that it is very, very unlikely (and probably impossible) for you to overdose on nicotine via inhaling from a vaporizer.

Note: This is showing that e-liquid, when you inhale it using proper vaping practices, is not very dangerous. It can be dangerous, however, if it comes into contact with your skin, or if you swallow it.

What Is “Self-Titration,” and Why Does It Matter?Your Body’s Innate Ability to Regulate

Basically, self-titration refers to the process when a person who is vaping adjusts his/her consumption naturally, using an innate ability to measure how much nicotine they have consumed. Instinct tells them when they’ve had enough and it’s time to stop, which is kind of a built-in measure to protect us from the unpleasant side effects of too much nicotine.

For example, in one study of experienced e-cigarette users, vapers adjusted the amount of e-liquid that they inhaled while vaping different e-liquids with varying levels of nicotine. The people vaping naturally adjusted their puffs to accommodate the amount of nicotine in each different e-juice trial, even though they had no information provided to them regarding their level of nicotine exposure.

Health Benefits of Vaping Nicotine

Consumers of nicotine typically tend to rely on physical cues to tell them whether or not they’ve had enough. For example, if fatigue sets in, they might realize that they’re in withdrawal and need a burst of nicotine to get going again. On the other hand, if their hands start shaking and they feel jittery, it might be a signal that they inhaled just a bit too much nicotine.

As we’ll discuss more below, it’s a smart idea to stop vaping immediately after feeling the first signs of overdoing it. This gives your body time to adjust and prevents further discomfort.

Even Though It Isn’t Going to Kill You, The Side Effects of Too Much Nicotine Suck

Even though we’ve established that overdosing on nicotine is highly unlikely, it is important to be honest about the negative effects of overdoing it. Let’s face it: taking in more nicotine than your body is used to can make you feel like shit.

Here are the telltale signs that you vaped more nicotine than your body wanted:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting (in extreme cases)
  • Jittery, anxious feeling
  • Dizziness

Now, if you accidentally expose your skin to vape juice and fail to wipe it off, you could be in for some more obnoxious symptoms.

For example:

  • Stomachache
  • Diarrhea
  • Worsening headache
  • Agitation

In the case of drinking excess amounts of e-liquid, seizures and comas could occur. These are only possible side effects if someone goes out of their way to drink vape juice.

Maintain Control Over the Amount of Nicotine You Put Into Your Body:Two Things to Watch Out For

Since it’s a good idea to know how much nicotine feels “right” for you, make sure to pay attention to new products. The way vapers react to different levels of vapor is similar to coffee junkies or hardcore binge drinkers; your reaction all depends on your tolerance level and what your body is accustomed to.

This includes both e-juice and vape mods.

E-Liquid Has Different Levels of Nicotine

Check the amount of nicotine in every new bottle of e-juice, since even the same flavors can come in a wide variety of nicotine levels.

For example, Kai Virgin Vapor’s “Death by Chocolate” vapor can come with anywhere from zero milligrams of nicotine all the way up to twelve milligrams. Then there are strictly zero nicotine e-liquids, like Voost. And the other end of the spectrum is Kind Juice’s Tobacco Ridge, which is only available with 18 milligrams of nicotine per bottle.

Suffice it to say, it’s a good idea to always be paying attention!

Pay Attention to the Power Behind Your Box Mod

Maybe you just bought a new box mod. Or maybe you’re about to take a puff from a friend’s – but wait, be careful! Box mods with more power will vaporize more e-liquid per puff, so they deliver larger amounts of nicotine to your bloodstream more quickly.

Likewise, make sure to keep a look out for newbies. If you have a powerful box mod and someone who has never vaped asks to try it out, make sure to coach them so they aren’t surprised. As they say, what goes around comes around. It’s always good to accrue some good karma!

So, What About All of the E-Liquid Deaths in the News?

It is important to note that swallowing – rather than inhaling – vape juice is where the true danger lies. In truth, problems with people (usually small children) drinking e-juice is on the rise, and the majority of the calls to poison control centers about nicotine ingestion is in reference to kids younger than age five. This is why it is so important to keep e-liquid away from children.

Symptoms of nicotine overdose from e-juice include eye discomfort, nausea, and vomiting. Out of the 5,970 e-cigarette related calls in a time span of four months, back in 2010, a mere five callers reported seriously threatening symptoms, such as respiratory failure. Out of these five callers, two died. These were extremely rare circumstances and resulted from drinking large quantities of e-liquid, not vaping it.

After these incidences, which didn’t negatively impact many people, the government did step in and call for better warning labels on packaging.

In the event that your child ever drinks e-liquid, or it comes in contact with their eyes or skin, call the Poison Control HELP Number at 1-800-222-1222.

Putting Things in Perspective: Comparing E-Liquid with Common Household Cleaners

Before you throw the baby out with the bathwater, think about the many other liquids that you use on a daily basis in your home. For example, many powerful cleaning solutions can cause permanent damage to the eyes, vomiting, and even death. Yet they are a socially acceptable way to keep our homes clean; we just follow the necessary safety precautions and keep them out of reach of children.

And that’s exactly how you should treat your vape juice! Use it for its intended purpose, and you will be fine. You might even feel healthier as a result of vaping, when you opt for premium, nutrient-infused vape juice brands like Voost Organic Elixirs or Bear Blend.

Conclusion: Vaping Has Many Health Benefits

As you can see from the cited studies, the nicotine in vape juice actually carries a host of mental health benefits. And it is pretty awesome that this is backed by science!

Also, while overdose is possible, that is a rare result of severely misusing vape juice. For the most advantageous vaping experience, make sure to follow these strict guidelines:

  • Use e-liquid purely for vaping. Do not swallow or pour in eyes or on skin.
  • If spills do occur, clean them up immediately.
  • Protect your skin, and wipe it free of vape juice if necessary.
  • Keep e-liquid out of reach of children at all times.

Now that you know both sides of the story, we hope you can comfortably defend your decision to vape the next time naysayers accuse you of being unhealthy.

Keep calm and vape on!

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