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Essence Vapor Company: Premium Organic Vapor Juice - Lucy's Vapor Pens

Essence Vapor Company: Premium Organic Vapor Juice

Essence Vapor Company: Premium Organic Vapor Juice

Lucy’s is proud to introduce Essence Vapor, a premium organic vapor juice company with a wide variety of flavors. Since there are many organic vapor juice companies vying for your attention, this post will discuss what makes Essence Vapor unique. It will also help you find the best flavor for your individual needs. Remember, you get FREE shipping on all orders over $20 when you order from Lucy’s Vapor Pens!

Essence Vapor: Overview

Essence Vapor Company
Get FREE shipping when you order from Lucy’s Vapor Pens!
  • The Story Behind Essence Vapor Company
  • Lucy’s 4 Essence Vapor Juice Flavors
  • Why is Organic Vapor Juice So Important?
  • Max VG Juice & Why It Matters
  • 0 Nic Juice? Check. Full Nic Juice? Check.
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The Story Behind Essence Vapor Company:
How It All Started

Best Vapor Company Review
Maybe you’re wondering how to start vaping or about the health benefits of vaping. Whatever the case, Essence Vapor Company is a great place to start. Learn about their 100% organic vapor juice, and how to get FREE shipping from Lucy’s Vapor Pens!

Essence Vapor juice company is a premium vapor supply business with a heart for sustainability, purity, and high quality ingredients. In other words, the creators want to create genuinely delicious vapor juice. But they also value organic ingredients and ethical environmental practices.

In fact, the founder, Ryan Douglas, describes himself as an “avid outdoorsman” with a passion for plants and wildlife. He studied botany, horticulture, and arboriculture in college. His official degree is in Environmental Science and Policy.

When Douglass quit smoking and started vaping in 2014, he enjoyed ordering various vapor juice flavors and mixing them to create his own flavors. But the market wasn’t as diverse as it is now. After learning about the dangers of PG juice, he decided to start his own vapor company in 2016. Only his company would stand out from the rest by striving to be pure and by adhering to stricter quality control. His education, combined with his natural love for nature, made this natural and sustainable business dream a reality.

Lucy’s 5 Essence Vapor Juice Flavors

Lucy’s is proud to carry five Essence Vapor Juice flavors. They complement our existing flavored vapor juice collection nicely, making sure that there is truly something for everyone.

All of Essence Vapor Juice Flavors fit the following standards:
  • Contain USDA certified organic flavor extracts
  • Feature fresh nicotine extracted from tobacco grown on American soil
  • Are 100% organic vegetable glycerin (VG) vapor juice
  • Have been manufactured and tested in an AEMSA certified facility
  • Free from all GMOs, artificial additives, propylene glycol (PG), and added sugars
  • Each 60mL bottle of vapor juice is available with 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, or 12mg of nicotine

Lahaina Lilkoi

Organic vapor juice
If you like fruity vapor juice flavors, then you’ll love this yellow passionfruit flavored e-juice flavor.
(Click here to learn more now.)

Lahaina Lilkoi is full of fruity vitality, featuring a yellow passionfruit flavor. This is a true taste of Hawaii, which is where Douglass grew up. The balance of both tart and sweet flavors is en pointe, and so it makes a terrific “all day vape” flavor.

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Luscious Lemonade

lemonade flavored vapor juice
This premium vapor juice flavor is made from the finest ingredients and is available with 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg of nicotine from certified organic, US-grown tobacco.
(Click here to learn more now)

Again, Essence Vapor company has successfully created another premium fruity flavored vapor! Luscious Lemonade has a base flavor profile of freshly-squeezed organic lemonade. But it gets more interesting than that. Infusions of fresh strawberry and passionfruit make this a truly tropical organic e-liquid, perfect for transporting you to a sunny day at the beach or by the pool. (Perfect for brightening up cloudy, grey days!)

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best fruit flavored e juice
This fruity vapor juice is truly premium: it features 100% organic VG and nicotine from certified organic tobacco. Available with 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg of nicotine.
(Click here to learn more now.)

The title of this 100% VG flavored vapor juice says it all! It’s just plain delicious. This premium blend features fresh bursts of peach, raspberry, and watermelon. Since it’s organic, it has just the right amount of sweetness. Unlike artificially flavored e-juices, organic ingredients give you a genuine flavor that won’t become sickeningly sweet overtime. Just like real fruit!

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Arctic Cloud

Menthol E Juice for Sale with Free Shipping
This pure, organic Max VG juice is perfect for anyone quitting from menthol cigarettes and transition to vaping as a lifestyle!
(Click here to learn more now.)

This premium menthol vapor juice is just plain good for the soul! As the creators describe it, “It is so cold, it will make you feel like you’ve been dropped in the Arctic!” The all-natural minty flavors will both wake you up and relax you. This is perfect for anyone who used to smoke menthol cigarettes but wants to start vaping instead!

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Why is Organic Vapor Juice So Important?

Vaping organic e-juice is truly a life-changing difference when you compare it to vaping non-organic e-juice!

I might sound like I’m going overboard here, but it helps when you consider some of the terrible ingredients that some brands use to make their e-liquids as cheap as possible. A common problem for people new to vaping is the health problems linked to the dangerous ingredients in cheap e-juice brands.

True, even cheap e-juice is healthier than smoking cigarettes. But sadly, many smokers transition to vaping only to start a new questionable habit: unhealthy vape juice. And that’s why we’re here to provide you with only the cleanest, purest premium e-liquids!

One of the most important ways to help the public understand the health benefits of vaping is to point out the differences of non-organic vs organic e-liquids.

Here are a few crucial differences of organic vs non-organic vapor juice:

  • Organic flavored vapor is created from plant-based ingredients, so it’s truly safe to put into your body. In contrast, non-organic e-liquids come from the same kinds of production methods used for polyurethane plastic. Which is definitely not something you want to be putting into your body!
  • Organic vapor juices are smoother and gentler on the throat. If you’re used to smoking cigarettes, you might be accustomed to harsh throat hits. But if you really want to harness the health benefits of vaping, you’ll be doing your throat and lungs a huge favor by choosing organic vapor brands only.
  • In comparison to non-organic vapor juices, organic e-liquids produce more vapor. In other words, they’re better for blowing bigger clouds! Your vape pen or vape mod will also heat up faster with organic vapor juice.
  • Another benefit to organic e-liquids is that they’re more environmentally friendly. This is something that the Essence Vapor juice company prides itself on.

You can read more in Lucy’s blog post entitled Organic vs Non-Organic E-Juice: 4 Differences to Help You Decide Which Is Right for You.” You Might also like Organic E-Liquid: Fact or Fiction?

Max VG Juice Matters. Here’s Why:

Essence Vapor Company
You can blow better clouds with 100% High VG Juice!

Terms like “Max VG” and “High VG” juice refer to e-liquids with a vegetable glycerin (VG) base. Sometimes e-liquids contain partial VG and PG fillers. When shopping for premium vapor juice, make sure that it is 100% VG. (Again, everything from Lucy’s 100% Organic E-Juice Selection is pure VG juice.)

Roughly 80% of your vapor juice consists of “fillers.” (And the remaining 20% is, on average, flavoring and nicotine.) This is necessary in order to produce liquid vapor. As discussed above, 100% natural and organic vapor juice is optimal because it ensures that you’re putting only clean and pure substances into your body.

PG stands for propylene glycol, a synthetic base found in cheaper e-liquids.

Here’s a great definition of PG:

Propylene glycol is a substance commonly used as a food additive or ingredient in many cosmetic and hygiene products.

The US and European food authorities have declared it as generally safe for use in foods.

However, it has become controversial since it is also an ingredient in antifreeze. This had led to health concerns about possible toxic effects from eating foods that contain it.


As you can see from the brief definition above, PG is a slightly sketchy substance. I don’t know about you, but I decided to start vaping instead of smoking for health reasons. If I’m going to be spending my money on vapor juice, I want it to be free from harmful additives and base ingredients! PG juice is also harsher on the throat. Furthermore, it takes longer to heat up and isn’t as good for chasing clouds.

Here’s a simple definition of vegetable glycerin (VG):

VG is a natural product derived from vegetable oil that is safe and vegetarian friendly.

VG E-Liquid: What Are You Vaping?

Vegetable glycerin is present in many food products, since it does not have a big effect on your blood sugar. It is also much better for your teeth and overall health. You’ll also find “vegetable glycerin” on the ingredients list for various types of safe products, like those used to treat skin rashes, burns, and cuts.

In terms of vaping, 100% VG juice gives you a smoother hit that isn’t harsh like PG juice. Since it comes from vegetable oil, VG e-liquids are thicker and perfect for cloud chasing!

From 0 Nic Juice to Full-On 12mg Nic Juice, Essence Vapor Company Has You Covered

I’ve mentioned this briefly already, but it’s worth exploring in a bit more detail. Each of our flavors from Essence Vapor is available with 0mg of nicotine. 0 Nic Juice is great if you don’t want any nicotine, since it can cause health concerns for some. First and foremost, nicotine is addictive. But it can also aggravate existing conditions, like anxiety and IBS.

However, many people like the way nicotine improves their focus and concentration. Nic juice is also essential when you’re quitting smoking. In other words, you can’t go from ingesting a pack’s worth of nicotine from cigarettes straight to 0mg vape juice. That simply isn’t realistic! And nicotine withdrawal symptoms aren’t worth it.

Essence Vapor Company and Beyond!

If you enjoyed learning about Essence Vapor company, you might also enjoy learning about the other 100% organic e-juice companies from which Lucy’s sources their e-liquids. For example, Voost is a vapor company that produces only 0 nic juices. And every flavor is infused with a healthy elixir of plant extracts and vitamins!

Another great option is Bear Blend, a “premier line of certified organic additive-free herbal ceremonial blends and Liquid Herbz™”.  You can even use Bear Blend products as incense or tea! In order to see the full scope of what Lucy’s has to offer, check out our “100% Organic E-Juice” page.

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