How To Quit Nicotine With Organic E-juice (Specific Plans)

How To Quit Nicotine With Organic E-juice (Specific Plans)

How to Quit Nicotine with Organic E Juice: Specific Plans

So, you’ve made the decision to wean yourself off nicotine with organic e juice. You’re off to a great start! Often, making that commitment to change is the hardest part.

Usually, going cold turkey leads to relapse and even more cigarette smoking than before. And that’s why we’ve created this guide to quit nicotine slowly using natural 100% organic e juice, with specific plans to suit your individual needs. Since vape juice contains different amounts of nicotine, you can use different concentrations to slowly taper down.

The Best Way to Wean Yourself Off Nicotine: Organic VG Juice

As you wean yourself off nicotine with organic e juice, you’re doing your body a huge favor. While getting rid of all the harmful chemicals in cigarettes, at the same time you’re using the cleanest source of e juice to do it.

(For more details about the health benefits of organic e juice, check out “The Benefits of 100% VG.”)

In fact, you don’t have to think about weening yourself off nicotine as deprivation. It’s really a transition to something just as satisfying. (If not even better!) Since vg e liquid is naturally flavorful and delivers a thick, satisfying hit, replacing your smokes with vaping is truly a pleasant experience.

Nicotine gum and patches just don’t hold a candle to vaping with quality e juice.

How much nicotine do I start with?

Without a doubt, one of the most commonly asked questions is “How many milligrams do I use when making the switch from cigarettes to organic e juice?”

Usually, people start at 12mg or 6mg. Over time, the goal is to drop down to 3mg or 0mg.

The amount of time it takes to make the transition is different from person to person. It might take some playing around on your part, but when in doubt, go slowly. This gives your body and mind ample time to adjust.

When selecting your preferred liquid flavoring, simply select the number of milligrams you’d like.

Plan One: Getting Off Nicotine in 3 Months

The shortest length of time for getting off nicotine is 3 months (12 weeks). This is best for light smokers.

Here’s a sample plan:

  • 1st Month: 12mg
  • 2nd Month: 6 mg
  • 3rd Month: 3mg

Plan Two: Quitting Nicotine in 6 Months

Ideally, you’ll give yourself 6 months (24 weeks) to wean yourself off nicotine.

This is enough time to really ensure long-lasting success and prevent annoying withdrawal symptoms.

Here’s a sample plan:

  • 1st Month: 18mg                                                                                                                   18mg Tobacco Ridge
  • 2nd Month: 18mg                                        
  • 3rd Month: 12mg
  • 4th Month: 12mg
  • 5th Month: 6mg
  • 6th Month: 3mg

Again, everyone’s different, but these guides are helpful starting points. It’s important to note that not everyone drops down to 0mg; many people who vape prefer to stay at 3mg.

Tips for Weaning Off Nicotine for Good

Now that you have some sample plans, here are some tips to ensure your success:

  • Decide on a date to start tapering and make sure you’re stocked up with quality e juice before this date. In fact, you might even benefit from trying    out different flavors in advance to find your favorites.
  • Write the date on your calendar or put it in your phone. This way, it’s an official part of your life.
  • Enlist some friends for help. Whether they want to quit smoking with you, or they’re already nicotine-free, it’s always good to have support from others.
  • Consider using a habit tracking app. In today’s day and age, there are endless cheap/free apps to help you keep on track. For a list of 36 great habit tracking apps, check out Tomas Laurinaricius.
  • Keep cigarettes out of sight and out of mind. Even though you’ve decided to quit, seeing an old pack of smokes or even an ashtray can be a trigger. Toss those old reminders and keep your positive replacements in plain view.
  • After getting down to 0mg, continue to use organic e juice as a positive replacement. Otherwise, you may be tempted to turn back to cigarettes.

Bear Blend e juices deliver great flavor with no nicotine.

And of course, don’t beat yourself up if you need longer than 3 or 6 months to transition. Everyone’s different!

Best of all, try to enjoy the process. You’re taking a healthy step that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

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