Love Smoking, But Don’t Love The Bad Smell? Try E-Cigs

Love Smoking, But Don’t Love The Bad Smell? Try E-Cigs

Love Smoking, but Don’t Love the Bad Smell?

If you are one of the many people that enjoys smoking, but you also know that continuing to inhale thick clouds of smoke is going to eventually become detrimental to your health, then maybe ecigs are the answer to all your problems

Not only does smoking cigarettes smell terrible to others around you that do not smoke, it also comes with a whole heap of other side effects that you cannot smell, touch or see. Cigarette smoke is severely damaging to your lungs, sexual organs not to mention the damage it does to your chest, throat, gums and teeth. In fact it is a wonder why some of us out there enjoy smoking at all; however, truth be told, it is something that many of know is harmful to our bodies, but we don’t particularly want to quit.

Maybe it is just the feeling of having your little friend to keep you company in times of boredom or just simply when you are lonely, cigarettes keep you company.

So how can you quit smoking without actually quitting?

Well the answer has been right in front of us for close to a decade now. Ecigs hit the market long ago, but recently over the last half a decade or so the phenomenon of electronic cigarettes have come into the market as one of the best replacements for cigarettes ever seen.

Getting rid of the habit of smoking is something that we don’t all want to do, so Ecigs are the most obvious answer.

Different Flavors of Organic Ejuice

Not only do you eliminate all the negatives mentioned in the beginning of this article, you also get a wider variety from mild to wild, you can flavors like

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Blackberry Mint
  • Caffe Latte

You can also go for plain old tobacco flavor just in case you are one of those people that still love the taste of tobacco.

What is E Juice Exactly?

Ecigs need E Juice in order to give you the nicotine burst as well as the flavor. However, there is the option to get zero nicotine in your juice. You can just smoke electronic cigarettes for the flavors and many people do this as a social activity. This counts particularly for those who only smoke when they drink, but now they prefer to cut out the cigarettes in favor of the ecigs.

Nowadays, those that cannot quit smoking or basically those that simply do not want to quit should think about the damage smoking is doing to them despite the enjoyment. Instead, you do not have to quit altogether, at least not right now, because ecigs are here to take away the pain of having to quit the habit, while they can also satisfy your craving for nicotine. 

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