Make The Switch To Vapor Pens

Make The Switch To Vapor Pens

Give up smoking with vapor pens – the stats don’t lie

Tar and nicotine as well as the many other chemicals, said to be over 200, contained in cigarettes have been denting government budgets for years when it comes to medical care. That’s because a large majority of health problems recorded in any given country has been directly due to the after effects of smoking; especially, those that have been smoking for a long period of time

In the UK, the NHS, which is known as the National Health Service is a free for all medical system that give the general public free health care. However, the system has been battered by those that smoke coming in for free health care and operations that have been caused as a direct result of smoking. That treatment costs money and as such the system has been under strain for many years.

Just the NHS’s problems alone should scare you into giving up smoking – if not, and if you are living in a country where medical treatment is not free, then the price of medical insurance premiums should be enough to put you off smoking. In the US medical insurance premiums for those that smoke are often double that of a non-smoker. However, if you give up smoking cigarettes, then the risk of smoking related diseases will be reduced; therefore, your insurance premium will be reduced.

The Cost Savings Involved with Vapor Pens

There are several ways that vaping can save you money. They may not be obvious immediately, but once you have finished reading this, you will have opened your eyes to just how much money can be saved.

Medical Insurance

As mentioned, medical insurance premiums go up as you get older. There is of course the argument that the premiums go down when you do not make a claim, but in the case of long term smokers the clauses and TOCs change invalidating some of the benefits of having medical insurance. In the end, applying for renewal as an ex-smoker will reduce the cost of medical insurance.

Vaping is much cheaper than cigarettes

When you start smoking a vapor pen as a replacement to smoking, the costs of satisfying the need for nicotine is considerably reduced. E Juice costs much less than a packet of cigarettes and at the same time they last much longer than a packet of cigarettes. In fact in many cases you will reduce your costs by up to 50%.

Lighters, ashtrays and wasted time

Lighters and ashtrays all cost money and so you can also argue that time smoking can cost money. If you can spend less money on buying the paraphernalia needed to smoke, this is the first cost saver. Secondly, instead of smoking or having to go outside smoking, you can spend more time concentrating on making money or being productive!

In short, there is solid proof that smoking causes ill-health and that you pay for that ill-health, which in turn costs you more money. There is time off work to consider when you sick as a direct result of smoking, then the cost of medicines; not to mention the costs involved with actually smoking. So, if you find it difficult to quit, then at least vapor pens are an affordable way to limit the risks; while at the same time reducing your costs. 

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