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Bear​ ​Blend​ ​Is​ ​The​ ​Future​ ​Of​ ​E-Juice

Trends in the vaporizer industry seem to come and go with the sudden disruptiveness of the most dynamic tech markets. However, there is now a movement towards organic​ e-juice that you won’t be able to ignore in the coming months and years. The trend stems from the desire of the consumers of vaporizer products to control the chemicals that come into their body. Most people that switch over to vaporizing do so out of a quest for better health and less chemical dependence.

Here at Lucysvaporpens.com, we specialize in these products and provide only the highest quality organic blends that you can buy. Of those, Bear Blend is one of the top brands available. They specialize in blends that are complicated, flavorful, and relaxing–all on their own right–with no tobacco and no nicotine. This is the future of vapor: a chemical-less concoction that treats you right and keeps the environment safe.

What​ ​Is​ ​A​ ​Bear​ ​Blend?

Bear Blend is a company that specializes in the blending of natural herbs for a variety of uses both medicinal and recreational. Thanks to Lucysvaporpens.com, you can also purchase their blends in the form of e-juices. Just looking at an open tin of their blends brings about images of the wild west and a simpler time. This is on purpose–the folks at Bear Blend try to represent the best aspects of a bygone age and combine those with the advances that modern farming has to offer. Their marketing materials are full of hand-rolled cigarettes and all-natural products like their 100% organic e-juices and the lifestyle they offer can be enticing.

But Bear Blend​ ​is so much more than that. They are a “premier line of certified organic additive-free herbal ceremonial blends and Liquid Herbz™”. The sheer level of possibilities with a Bear Blend is staggering. They recommend you smoke or vaporize their products but you can also use the flavorful herbs as an incense or a tea.

However, the most unique aspect of a blend from Bear Blend is that it contains no tobacco whatsoever. Now, you can vaporize without the worry about nicotine that comes with tobacco. There are books and studies packed to the brim with proof that nicotine is dangerous for your health. In particular, it can be harmful to the health of your heart. The people at Bear Blend aren’t interested in any harmful practices. Their focus is on celebrating life. As they say, “celebrate life through ritual”. You can’t go wrong making their blends a ritual in your life.

The​ ​Story​ ​Behind​ ​The​ ​Herbs

For a product so unique, Bear Blend e-juices have quite the origin story as well. They were created by a Native American man named Anthony Singing Bear who lived on an organic farm in Ohio around the turn of the 21st century. He took his knowledge of organic growing techniques and applied it to the herbs that had been smoked and celebrated in the area for years. He realized that when his ancestors had smoked herbs that they had likely smoked blends and tobacco was far from the only herb worth smoking. Cultures all over the world have smoked different herbs throughout history and Singing Bear wanted to experience that, himself.

He had a revelation during one of his many pensive smoking sessions and decided that his goal in life was to spread the tradition of smoking organic herbs as far and wide as he could. Bear Blend is the result of his tireless efforts. They do their best to keep his legacy alive with sustainable biodynamic farming and 100% organic herbal blends that don’t use tobacco.

What’s​ ​In​ ​A​ ​Bear​ ​Blend?

The basis of all Bear Blend products is the original blend that they came out with first. Using that mix as a base, they tweak and change the individual ingredients until they get a unique taste and feeling that comes along with it. They’ve created several different secondary blends using this method. As the OG blend, most of the success of Bear Blend is predicated on the quality of this product. It features 100% VG (or Vegetable Glycerin), and as such, it is composed entirely out of plant products. There’d be no sense in including the more traditional “PG” or propylene-glycol mixture that non-organic blends use.

Since there is no nicotine, they claim that this herbal blend can be relaxing on its own right–just without the dependence that comes with ingesting the most addicting chemical in the known universe. Bear Blend does this by using the same methods used in the aromatherapy and incense world. There’s a whole world of herbs out there and tobacco doesn’t have to be the only one you use.

Inside a Bear Blend, you can find: Vegetable Glycerin, Red Raspberry, Mullein, Lavender, Mugwort, Rose Petals, Damiana, Catnip, Calendula, Lobelia, Fair Trade Vanilla Bean and Water Soluble Vanilla Extract. This article will cover some of the more important herbs found in this blend, but that’s the basic gist. As you can tell, this is a carefully engineered product that is open and honest about what you comes with it. In today’s world, that can be a rare quality.

Other​ ​Herbal​ ​Blends

Other than the original Bear Blend, there are several other products available on the Bear Blend section of Lucysvaporpens.com. Here are a few of their best-sellers:

1. Bear​ ​Blend​ ​Mintz​:​ This is one of their most popular blends and it’s easy to guess why. There aren’t a lot of quality mint e-juices out there and Bear Blend is the perfect company to put together good one. They know how to pick their herbs and have included both all-natural peppermint and a water-soluble spearmint extract. Because it’s created by Bear Blend, you can be sure that these are the highest-quality mint extracts available. If you’re sick of the standard fruity/savory give-and-take, this is a great e-juice to try out.

2. Bear​ ​Blend​ ​Amazon​ ​Clove​:​ ​You’ve heard of clove cigarettes, but have you heard of clove e-juice? There’s no better e-juice than Bear Blend when you want to branch out into different flavor territories and cloves definitely qualify. Tasting a bit like black licorice, the Amazon Clove can be very relaxing and is designed to bring balance to both the mind and body.

3. Bear​ ​Blend​ ​Dream​ ​Lodge​ ​Coconut​: If you’ve been waiting for the Bear Blend e-juice that’s going to knock your socks off and make you forget about nicotine and tobacco altogether–this is the one. It includes a refreshing blast of coconut that will leave you feeling awake and relaxed. However, it’s the wormwood inside of it that makes it unique. The wormwood can bring about a feeling of euphoria and completeness that will keep you coming back for more dreamy vapor.

What​ ​About​ ​The​ ​Herbs?

With Bear Blend the herbs are the true stars of the show. They take great care in putting together the right combination of flavors and effects and, as a future customer, you should try to familiarize yourself with some of the more integral ingredients:

● Lavender:​ ​If you are familiar with aromatherapy, you’d know that lavender is one of the most useful herbs to calm down the mind and body. It’ so good at this that it can even be used to treat depression. Lavender is one of the most common ingredients in Bear Blend products. They use it so regularly because it is such a great herb for anxiety and relaxation—something that a recovering smoker is going to know a lot about. Not only that, but Bear Blend ensures that all the lavender they harvest is grown here, in the U.S.A. and is bio-dynamically grown.

● Mullein:​ ​If you knew about the relaxing effects of Lavender beforehand, points for you, but it’s unlikely you’ve even heard of mullein. It’s a powerful herb that can grow up to 2 meters tall and is capable of being grown all over the world. It is typically used for its “astringent, sedative, and relaxing properties”. This means it has quite a bit in common with lavender. However, it has incredible healing properties when used for respiratory issues and has even been used to treat asthma and sore throats. This is a great product to add to a blend if you’re smoking it but it can be even more beneficial when used in an e-juice like the Bear Blend Original and others.

● Raspberry​ ​Leaf:​ You might not know this, but people have been smoking the raspberry leaf for centuries. They were introduced to Western culture by Native Americans that traded with white folk during the transition to the New World. They likely smoked it for the same reason you would like to vape it: it contains vitamins, potassium, calcium, and other healthy ingredients as well as showcasing many similarities with tobacco as far as taste and feel go. This makes the raspberry leaf the go-to herb for those that want to quit smoking and is available in practically every Bear Blend product. You can see biographies on more of their wonderful herbs here on their website.

How​ ​to​ ​Purchase​ ​at​ ​Lucy’s

Bear Blend is available at many reputable retailers, but there is no need to go any further than Lucysvaporpens.com. We specialize in 100% organic e-juices and a relationship with the folks at Bear Blend just makes sense. Everything you find at Lucy’s Vapor Pens is made organically and with the utmost care for the environment possible.

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