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Dragon E Liquids

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Dragon Liquids

Dragons are known for being fearsome creatures that typically guard large amounts of golden treasure and, with a little imagination, Dragon Liquids could be said to do the same thing. Except, from the comfort of the attractive label, this dragon protects a multi-colored assortment of premium e-juices that you will soon learn to treasure. Dragon Liquids are a premium e-juice brand that specializes in gourmet liquids that are guaranteed to keep you happy and vaping for a long, long time.

100% Kosher E-Juice

Every e-juice manufacturer has a certain claim to fame, but there aren’t many, if any at all, that can claim to be 100% kosher like Dragon Liquids. That means that the United States Pharmacopeia has deemed their product acceptable under kosher guidelines. This specifically refers to the Vegetable Glycerin (VG) used within it, which is typically a food product. That means there has been as much care taken into the vapor that hits your lungs as the food that hits your table at a restaurant–perhaps more so, considering the strict cleanliness required to qualify as kosher.

100% Vegetable Glycerin

Along with their commitment to premium, kosher ingredients, Dragon Liquids have also committed to a 100% VG mixture in all of their juices. VG is, essentially, the “organic” titling of the e-liquid world. Organic can mean many things depending on who you ask, but for VG it reflects an ongoing desire to create products that are sustainably sourced and non-toxic. Every mixture that
carries the Dragon Liquids dragon on its front label is free of any toxins or other unsavory materials that you might find in other juices. Put simply. Dragon Liquids care about what you put into your body because they know you care, too.

100% Real

Now that we have talked about what is in the great e-liquids available from Dragon Liquids, let’s talk about what is not in them. For one, Dragon Liquids do not contain any genetically-modified organisms, artificial sweeteners, artificial coloring’s, or any artificial preservatives. If it has the word “artificial” in the title,
you can bet you won’t find it within a Dragon liquid. In fact, they even guarantee you won’t come across any gluten, either–just in case. Of course, their juices are also safe for vegans, as they feature no animal products whatsoever.

Instead of all these artificial options, Dragon Liquids use their own blends of all-natural artificial flavorings to produce every one of their best-selling juices. Their motto is, “Real. Pure. E-Liquids” and they mean it.

The Dragon Liquids Difference

With so many different e-juices on the market today, it can be hard to find a brand that you can truly stand behind. But, Dragon Liquids seem to make that easy in a way others can’t. They are committed to the vaporizer community and the power it has to save lives by giving people a way to stop smoking and start
living again. They believe that they have the power to save lives by offering smokers premium e-juices as a way out. There are so many flavors and so many reasons to enjoy Dragon Liquids. The only question is, “Why haven’t you tried Dragon Liquids, yet?”

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Only 100% VG Juice

Clean. Pure. Healthy.

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