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The 2 Best Organic E Juice Brands On The Market - Lucy's Vapor Pens

The 2 Best Organic E Juice Brands On The Market

The 2 Best Organic E Juice Brands On The Market

When you’re searching for the best vaping experience, it’s all about understanding what inside your liquid. The best Organic E Juice companies on the planet are two dope Vape companies that I highly recommend:

Best Organic E Juice

1.Vape Organics is one of the top companies in the vaping market that was one of the first companies to offer USDA certified Organic Vape.This company has revolutionized the way vape is presented to the world.

The company makes their own nicotine, its made in house growing their own organic tobacco and they also offer tobacco free options.

VG E Juice

The certified organic vape that Vape Organics offers is pesticide free and this company actually extracts their flavoring, rather than adding artificial sweeteners to their Organic E Juice.

2. Virgin Vapor is another great vaping company in the industry, making their products in the USA, offering certified organic e juice. Virgin Vapor is Non GMO and vegan friendly!!

This is a great product because it is 100% PG free and the nicotine that they do offer is Kosher, homegrown and is the best on the market!

Virgin Vapor is also very hands on in monitoring the quality of their ingredients, production, and overseeing new product creation for their organic e juice.

Wouldn’t you want to know what you’re inhaling?! I know I do, and this is why these two companies make my list for the best damn Certified Organic E Juice companies on the market!

VG Vape Juice-Its all about that BASE!!!

VG Vape Juice

So you may be looking for those big beautiful white clouds to accentuate your vaping experience right?

Then you’re looking in the right direction if you’re looking for Vegetable Glycerin or “VG” Vape Juice…

VG Vape Juice produces bigger clouds making that Vape experience even more sexy!!

And VG Vape Juice can allow for those pretty dope tricks you’ve been hiding up your sleeve. See the thing about Organic Vape Juice is that its all natural, which makes it all good!

You don’t have to worry about what you’re pumping into your body because its plant and vegetable based. You shouldn’t have to worry about your E Juice, so the best thing you can do for yourself is go organic and not have to worry about those harsh chemicals…

If you’re like me and you don’t necessarily wont that harsh throat hit, then VG Vape Juice is for you.

VG is such a dope option because you get the clouds that you need without feeling like you’re going to choke to damn death.

Not to mention…

It has a very smooth feel to it, which makes it look sexy going in and coming out. And how can we not forget about that sweet taste that the VG E Juice gives off? Yum….

VG E Juice-Vaper Lovers Welcome!!

VG E Juice

Are you in love with those big fluffy clouds that give off such vigor?

I know I am too, and that’s why Vegetable Glycerin (VG) E juice is such a great option!

VG E Juice is such a great option because it is all natural and is plant based for all of the FAB vegetarian lovers out there..

When you Vape with VG E Juice you have the peace of mind that you’re getting

  • A wonderful taste
  • Thick vapor
  • A better throat hit that doesn’t leave you choking and coughing
  • All natural quality products
  • And an overall better vaping experience!

You can vape knowing that you are getting the best ingredients on the market and you’re enhancing your experience.

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