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Tutorial: How to Store and Preserve Your Organic Vapor Juice - Lucy's Vapor Pens

Tutorial: How to Store and Preserve Your Organic Vapor Juice

Tutorial: How to Store and Preserve Your Organic Vapor Juice

Vaping 101: How to Store Organic E-Juices

Vaping Health Facts
After buying premium organic vape juice, make sure you know how to store it! This will protect the taste and flavor.

Once you’ve found your favorite organic e-juice brand, it’s time to learn how to store organic vapor juice. After all, you’ve invested the time and money to figure out the perfect flavor – why not make sure to get the most out of it?

Below, I’ll cover the most important elements when it comes to storing and preserving your organic e-juice. The good news is that it’s quite simple and straightforward, and it really doesn’t require very much time or effort.

How to Store Organic Vapor Juice Part 1:

Overall, there are three qualifications for storing organic vapor juice: 
  1. Temperature (Your e-juice must be in a cool environment.)
  2. Light (You should also keep your vape juice away from direct sunlight.)
  3. Small Glass Bottles (This is because even more costly plastic bottles do permit at least a small amount of air to permeate the bottle and taint the flavor of your e-liquid. Additionally, as you use up the e-liquid, more and more air sits in the space between the liquid and the opening of the bottle.)

In addition to keeping your organic e-juice in a dark, cool, dry space, you should also periodically shake each bottle. This keeps the ingredients mixed up as intended, and prevents too much settling. Try to do this to each bottle on a weekly basis. 

Vaping Facts for Beginners
Get the most out of your premium VG vapor juice by storing it properly. Storage is also important for maintaining nicotine content! (Vaping Basics for Beginners)

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How to Store Organic Vapor Juice Part 2:
Temperature Matters!

This might sound a little like middle school science class, but bear with me… If you think about your vape juice on a molecular level, you can understand how heat and light interfere with its chemical makeup. If heat and light come into contact with your e-liquid, they “energize” the molecules, causing them to bounce around more rapidly and ultimately form new chemical bonds. The result? The flavor and taste changes. The color might even change. 

Now, once chemical changes happen, there’s no way to “un-do” them. For example, you can’t shake up the bottle and hope to “recharge” the flavor. The chemical changes that have occurred are just like what happens when you fry an egg; there’s no returning the fried egg to its original state!

The Importance Behind Small Glass Bottles:
Air is the Enemy of a High Quality Flavor Profile

Vaping Tips for Beginners
Small glass bottles are best for long-term storage.

Like heat and light, excess air can irreversibly change the chemical composition of your organic e-juice. When moisture from the environment, air, and light interfere with your e-juice, they can cause oxidation. Over time, too much air can strip your organic e-juice of its nicotine content.

  • Now, this is not to discourage you from steeping your organic e-liquids. Steeping is a controlled method of using air to bring out the most in your e-juice; it’s very different from “setting and forgetting.”
  • Organic e-liquid “steeping” involves leaving your e-juice in a cool, dark, and dry place. During this time, you wait awhile to allow the mixture to fully oxidize and “age.” 
  • Another method you may have heard of is called “breathing.” Basically, “breathing” your e-juice involves taking off the lid of each new canister and exposing the e-liquid to the air for 12 hours. Breathing is a jacked-up version of steeping, and you should only do it if you have plenty of experience with organic e-juice steeping. Again, this is because too much air can actually degrade the nicotine content of your e-liquid.

What to Do When Your Organic E Cig Juice Arrives:

It’s important to store your organic VG juice the right way as soon as you get it. (Want free shipping on premium organic e-liquids? Find out more here.)

Here’s a quick overview of the organic e-liquid storage process:

1. First, take off all wrappers and the cover from your bottle of organic e-liquid.

2. Next, place them in a cool, dark place for an amount of time that is specified by the type of e-juice. If you are unsure, check with the e-juice company!

3. On a daily basis, shake each bottle with the cap on. This ensures a healthy oxidation process and enables the larger molecules at the bottom  of the container blend in with the rest of the mixture.

4. After shaking the bottles daily for the recommended period of time, keep them in a dark place when not in use. This is because, especially after removing their labels, it is even easier for sunlight to seep in and undo the benefits of steeping.

For a complete guide to organic e-juice steeping, check out “Organic E-Juice Steeping 101.” 

Can I Store My Organic E-Liquid in the Refrigerator or Freezer?

It makes sense to want to store your e-liquid in the fridge or freezer, since these are generally cool and dark places. Again, if you are experienced, have done your research, and know what you’re doing, then steeping e-liquid in the fridge or freezer can be effective. However, you should be aware of some potential risks.

Like heat, freezing can chemically alter the make-up of your e-liquid. Furthermore, different ingredients within your e-juice will have different freezing points. 

For this reason, it is best to stick with the fridge instead of the freezer – unless you are willing to do the experimentation and potentially take some loss with the freezer-method.

How to Vape
If you are very careful, storing your organic vapor juice in the fridge is just fine. Just make sure it’s clean and that your glass containers are airtight!

Another thing to keep in mind is the cleanliness of your fridge. (No judgment here! It can be tough to keep your refrigerator clean, especially the more people you have using it.)

With all of the food and possible contaminants accumulating in your fridge over time, it can become a wellspring of unwanted bacteria. If this bacteria makes its way into your organic e-liquid, it could cause negative changes to flavor composition and quality.

Finally, just remember that you can’t simply grab e-juice from the fridge and start vaping it immediately. You will have to take it out and allow it to warm up to room temperature before vaping. This is because the liquid thickens as it chills, and it won’t interact with your mod or pen the way you want it to until you have allowed it to return to its natural state.

A Few Thoughts on Safety:
Maintaining the Safest Vape Juice

Although overdosing on nicotine likely isn’t fatal, it is classified as a potentially toxic substance. When too much nicotine is ingested, symptoms like intense agitation, vomiting, diarrhea, and terrible headaches can occur. With more and more people switching to e-juice, the number of calls to poison control centers reporting children having drank e-juice has increased

Vaping for Dummies
Protect children from accidental nicotine overdose by using a lock.

This isn’t to say that it’s a bad thing to vape if you have children; in fact, it’s best to get second-and third-degree smoke completely out of a child’s environment.

However, you should always be mindful of where your vape juice is when there are children in the home, or even if they potentially might visit on occasion.

Don’t rely on the “child safety caps” alone!

Keep your organic e-juice stored somewhere that is out-of-reach and preferably locked.

This is also a guideline you should adhere to if you have animals; dogs especially can easily chew through plastic bottles.

How to Preserve and Store Your Organic E-Juice:
The Bottom Line

Max VG Juice for Vapor
With a flavor profile like this, storage is essential!

Overall, the most important thing when learning how to store organic vapor juice is location. The best rule of thumb is to keep your organic e-liquid stored in a cool, dark, dry place. Basements are great for this! You should also transfer it to glass bottles when possible, and periodically shake it up to keep the contents adequately interspersed.

While slight changes in color are to be expected, huge shifts in flavor should be cause for alarm. If an e-juice tastes dramatically different after a period of time in storage, it is best to count it as a loss and throw it away. 

As you become more familiar with organic e-juice steeping, you can branch out to “breathing,” but this isn’t something I would recommend for newbies. 

And of course, safety first! Never take child safety lightly, and take care to store your e-liquid in a place where children or pets will not have access. 

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