Why E-Cigs Have Become So Popular

have ecigs become so popular?

one of the most asked questions within the ecig industry is the question as to
why they have become so popular since their release and so this is the very
first topic we are going to cover

In fact forms of alternative cigarettes were already
available years before the electronic cigarette boom came to light. Nicorette,
a company well known for making nicotine patches and gums, had already come up
with a way to help smokers cut out the tar and smell associated with smoking
and give smokers a nicotine fix via vapor a while back.

Nicorette Inhalator Came and Went

This was known as the Nicorette
and was a small plastic tube with a fitted vapour
cell. However, there was nothing electric about this device and it caused
unwanted side effects such as runny nose and with the nicotine not controlled
as it is with an electronic cigarette, people would often inhale too much experiencing
fast or even irregular heartbeat, chest infections and even vomiting.

the Hand to Mouth Habit

Electronic cigarettes paved the way for a more
sensible solution for those looking to cut out the tar and smoke going into
their lungs that comes from regular smoking. The one problem most people have
faced over the years when trying to quit smoking is the hand to mouth habit.
The Inhalator had been the closest thing to replacing the habit of smoking for
years until finally the first ecigs hit the market giving smokers the best
cigarette alternative the general public have had on offer ever.

the Electronic Cigarette is Very Popular

Once the electronic cigarette hit the smokers marketplace
there was no looking back. People started to quit smoking cigarettes in numbers
that have been unheard of. This is because of the several noted advantages
ecigs have over smoking normal cigarettes.

  • 1.Smoking
    Ecigs is far cheaper than Smoking Normal Cigs

Obviously if you live in a country where taxation on
cigarettes is high, which to be quite honest is happening everywhere now, then
ecigs are the best way for those that find it difficult to quit to carry on
their habit. It is true that there are many smokers out there that enjoy
smoking, but they know that the cost if too much to keep on smoking regular
cigarettes – in comes the ecigs!

  • 2.No

A huge stigma when it comes to smoking is the smell
that comes with it. This is something that many smokers are unaware of, but
those non-smokers around us do smell it and it isn’t all that pleasant.
However, the ecig solved this completely.

  • 3.Healthier
    Way to Smoke

Despite the many health warnings that have been
touted around regarding ecigs, there is no way anyone can say that vapor causes
more harms to your health than an ecig. There are many recreational sports
players out there that are also smokers that will be testament to this. Since
they switched to the ecigs, they have felt more energetic and less fatigue when
playing sports.

So, the benefits are clear. All that is needed is to
choose the most cost effective and readily available device for you. At Lucy Vapors we have just what you need,
fast delivery and a very easy order system so you will never go short. 

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